From the moment I met Michael 6 years ago, I have been impressed by his talent, knowledge of the industry, and work ethic. I first began working with Michael as a vocal and songwriting coach, and was thrilled at the results I saw every week that I worked with him. His ability to teach and bring out the best in his students was evident from the first lesson, and I was blown away by his willingness to go above and beyond for his students to help them further their talent and dreams. This loyalty and dedication is so rare and makes all the difference in this industry.

Michael soon become so much more than a vocal and songwriting coach - he became a mentor and a dear friend. Michael and I began to write together regularly, and he invited me to appear as a guest performer at his gigs whenever possible to gain more live performance experience. Over time, this even developed to us holding a weekly Sunday night residency at The Mansion in Kingston, ON, where we would debut our original music and well as beloved covers. It has always been a true pleasure to perform alongside Michael George, and I have learned so much from every experience.

Michael was the first person to introduce me to a professional recording studio, producing a few of our original songs. He was an absolute pleasure to work with in the studio, encouraging some of my best vocal work. He was dedicated to producing an end product that reflected me as an artist, and was meticulous in his drive to produce the highest quality of work possible.

As I’ve continued to grow in my career in Country Music and pursue various ventures, Michael has shown an incredible amount of support, continuing to share his vast knowledge of the industry, and his incredible insights on performing, songwriting, and every other aspect of the business. Michael has played a vital role in the development of my talent and my career, and I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful person, talent, and mentor. 

​"Michael had me the second I heard him with one guitar and his awesome voice...the microphone loves his voice! His voice makes me cry...!

" Michael George is one of Canada's best Singer / Songwriters "


   Founder / Songwriter, Legendary Band CHICAGO

" I have had the pleasure of working with a very talented Artist, Vocal Coach and Teacher. MICHAEL GEORGE possesses a great intuitive talent for working with young artists to achieve the best performance. Michael gets it! I look forward to working with him again in the very near future."


   Producer, over 50 Gold & Platinum records


   Ex-President A & R GEFFEN RECORDS, Los Angeles



" Michael George is one of the best male vocalists I've ever heard "


     Music Producer , Texas, USA 



" Michael George is a very talented Singer / Songwriter...I am always in awe of his passion for music and his process to create. When I signed my latest Artist ( Samantha Moore - GEFFEN / INTERSCOPE ) the first song I had her demo was a Michael George song."


  Manager / Music Industry Consultant 

  P.S. Records, Romanline Productions





Music Supervisor Lindsay Fellows & Michael

              Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles

Joe Hardy

Tall Ships Rendezvous 2017

Cliff Fabri & Michael.

With Thom Panunzio at Interscope Studio in Los AngelesType

Gearing up for Jay Leno at The Comedy Club, LA (Great show)

PETER FREDETTE - Vocalist, Bassist

Kim Mitchell Band, Tom Cochrane, Charlie Major,

Colin James, Max Webster, Loverboy, Gowan etc

"Michael George was the person who made me want music"

"I started working with Michael when I was in grade 5. We started off by working on vocals, then moved to teaching guitar and piano. Michael has this crazy musical ear...I could come into my lesson and sing him one note of a song, and he would have the song figured out within a few minutes."

"After mastering my instruments, Michael suggested for me to try out for the (Renaissance Music) Rock I did! He was constantly giving me constructive criticism. Shortly after getting into the band program, Michael and I started writing music together. It started off by writing about boys I liked, or other situations I was facing in my life at the time. Over the course of 6 months, I saw Michael 2 or 3 times a week while we wrote songs together, went into local studios, and practiced perfecting our songs."

"While writing together, I noticed what a truly amazing man Michael George is. Throughout the process of writing with Michael I noticed how he was becoming a second father to me! He had a certain way of pulling my strengths and weaknesses out of me to make me stronger!"

"Michael introduced me to a friend and business associate of his, Cliff Fabri (Avril Lavigne) who has helped me get to where I am today as well. Michael wanted to protect me and make sure I wasn't wishing on something to happen that may be unrealistic for myself. So he sat me down before my meeting with Cliff and let me know; ' There are millions of young girls just like you wanting the same dream.Cliff may say yes, he may say no, but I guarantee if you are yourself and you pull out that fun funky side to you, he will love you!' "

"Although I have moved away from Kingston, Ontario, I still look to Michael for advice and constantly stay in contact. I am truly thankful for Michael because he is a big inspiration to why I continue of with music today!"


Recording Artist


POPMANIA (Los Angeles)


Joe Hardy

Peter Fredette & Michael .

Cliff Fabri & Michael.

"Michael George gave me my start, and for that I will be eternally grateful."

"Thank you for teaching me so much about writing, performing, making my way through this crazy business, and for your wonderful friendship every step of the way."


​Recording Artist

​Michael; We at the RDV Tall Ships Event would like to thank you with this Testimonial to the professional job you did during this event. I am copying and pasting it below however I have also e-mailed you a copy of our Testimonial. God Bless you Michael and thank you.

Testimonial for
Michael George
Broken Chart Records

Dear Michael;
As President of the Fairfield-Gutzeit Society, Vice President of Brigantine Inc. and Chairman of Rendezvous 2017 Tall Ships event in Bath, Ontario I write this testimonial as a small testament of our appreciation for the incredible job you did during the July 7th, 8th and 9th, 2017 Tall Ships Festival. Out of the 32 Canadian Ports of Call which held this Tall Ships event in order to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday Bath was the 3rd largest event in Canada. We had over 36,000 people attend the event over the 3 days and have received praise from all over the world about its success, quality and professional set up and delivery. A large part of this praise is due to your efforts before, during and after the event.

We chose only Professional individuals to design, plan and execute every aspect of this large scale weekend. All I can say is thank god we made the right decision and chose you to create, organize and supervise the Musical and Stage Performances. With only 2 1/2 months notice you put together a complete package. You organized the stage, sound systems, on site musical equipment and over 22 performers for the entire weekend. The public was presented with a non-stop and diverse entertainment portfolio which was professionally executed 
without any breaks in the entertainment being provided. The quality of the sound was also as good as it gets. The best part of your effort was you brought all of this to the table for less than 50% of the proposed budget. Without a doubt in our minds we made the best decision asking for your professional help.

In any and all our future events rest assured we will be calling you for your services. The total success of our large scale event was and is because of you and your talent. Please feel free to use this testimonial and to give my phone number to anyone who wants to verify your qualifications.

With great appreciation.
Thank you

William Kelley Hineman
President- Fairfield-Gutzeit Society
Vice President- Brigantine Inc.
Chairman of RDV 2017

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