Thom & Jacoba on Malibu Beach

ALEXA writing a song

Jacoba at Interscope

"SOLE TO SOUL" CD featuring "I CAN FLY" 

Songwriter - M. George

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Playing MICK FLEETWOOD'S drums in                    Maui...Thanks Mick!

Preparing for TV Performance of "The Miracle" 

ALEXA practicing for TIFF concert at               NORMAN JEWISON'S complex.









11 Songs

​Songwriter - M. George

Questions we get asked most...

Q: What are you looking for in an Artist?

A: What matters to us most is that an Artist can make us feel something, whether it be through their

    vocal interpretation, their songwriting, or best case scenario, a combination of both.

Q: What if I am a singer who doesn't write?

A: No problem, we can provide you with songs, or we can co-write songs with you if you want to learn.

Q: What if I'm a songwriter who can't sing?

A: We can provide amazing vocalists to bring your songs to life.

Q: What is the difference between a Record Deal and an Artist Development Deal?

A: We will sign you to a Record Deal, or try get you signed to a Major Label if you already have a fully produced cd or group of songs    that are radio Fully produced, with excellent songs and fantastic vocals. 

   If you obviously have talent but you aren't ready, we would sign you to an Artist Development Deal, meaning we will write or co-          write songs with you, work with you in the studio and fully produce a 5 song EP, or possibly a whole CD for you if things are

  going well.

Q: What's in it for Broken Chart Records?

A: We are a Record and Management Company, which is a business. If we sign you to a Record Deal, we expect no money up front, but     would want a percentage of your sales when you start making money. If we sign you to a Management Deal, we would negotiate a       contract that suits all of our needs.

If we sign you to an Artist Development Deal, there will be costs involved, producer cost, studio cost, and our time, etc. This can be negotiated based on how much work is necessary.

Once we have an amazing EP, we will shop you to the majors, or you can sign with us, your choice. 

Q: What genre of music are you looking for?

A: Our area of expertise is mainstream, so mostly Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Pop, Country, R & B, Soul, Alternative, Christian, etc, but       we are open to anything that we love, including Urban.

Q: How connected are you really?

A: Between our own connections and our associates connections, we are international. If you read the Industry Bio, you will get some     idea as to where we do what we do. Mostly what we do in the area of Artist Development will take place in Canada or the U.S.A.            (writing, recording etc).

Q: How hard is it to get a Major Label deal these days?

A: Incredibly hard!

Q: How hard is it to "Make It" in the music industry nowadays?

A: We believe the cream rises to the top. If you have something people love, we think the world will want to hear it!